Education with vision



It is accepted that effective use of ICT in the classroom results in lessons being better taught and in students getting better results. Qubic for Schools provides a full range of interactive whiteboards and associated projectors to help deliver lessons using standard and custom software applications. By bringing lessons to life in this way, students’ attention is held and complex concepts can be communicated in an easy and memorable way.

Qubic offers fully featured video conferencing equipment. Video can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the education outcomes of students. You will be able to hook-up with other schools, take part in broadcast events and ‘virtually’ bring experts into the classroom to deliver specialised subject matter. Video equipment can also be used to maximise the effectiveness of limited resources. For example, a teacher can record a lesson ahead of time to be shown to a class at a later date to cover a planned absence. Alternatively, one teacher can deliver a lesson simultaneously to more than one set of students.