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Form 10W
Aylesbury High School
Walton Road
HP21 7SX                                                                                                                             1st October 2014


Dear 10W

I would like to thank you all for fundraising for us throughout the year. It sounds as though you had good fun with all the different things you did.  An especially huge thank you to the two brave souls who did the bungee jump.

  • Your fundraising will go towards
  • helping the Charity’s current goal which is to obtain
  • learnpads and Ipads for use by all students across our Federation of schools and every contribution will help us achieve this.

In a fast moving world the technology that is available does so much to support our access to learning for all our pupils, whatever their need. For some the software enables them to communicate independently where before they would have been totally dependent. For others they can research and access information for topics and explore the world beyond the classroom enriching their learning opportunities. For young people who have such difficulties this sort of opportunity is so motivating for them.

All fundraising helps us achieve these aims and improves the lives of our students as well as their families.

So thank you once again for supporting us.

Yours sincerely


Christine Ludlow