Qubic for Schools

The power of the network


Sharing thoughts and ideas, cooperating and collaborating, gathering and organising information – the starting point of any ICT solution is the network. Qubic has the technology to design and build your network to provide a combination of wired and unwired access, connect buildings in both single and multi-site campuses, provide secure links to closed and open-access systems and to carry simultaneously voice, data and video. Bringing technology out of the confines of the ‘ICT Room’ and making it core to the day-to-day business of education.  more…

Helping teachers deliver the curriculum



Engaging the ‘PlayStation generation’ can be challenging with traditional ‘chalk and talk’ presentation methods. Bringing the classroom to life with technology such as interactive white boards combined with data projectors can help inspire students to grasp complex concepts and enhance the learning experience. Creating a wireless networked environment lets you bring students, technology and teaching together wherever needed breaking technology out of the confines of the ICT room and delivering it directly into the classroom to support learning. This can be achieved, for example, by moving portable wirelessly connected computers from room to room as and when needed.

Wider horizons



Using online resources is now an established way to conduct research. Qubic will ensure that working online is as safe and secure as possible. The use of online technology can be extended beyond the Internet, for example by providing secure remote access to your network, students can download and upload homework assignments, lesson notes and additional resources can also be made available, teaching staff can work remotely preparing lessons, reports or assessing homework. more…

Education with vision



Video can be used in a number of ways to help make the best use of teaching resources. For example using video techniques, live pictures and sound of a lesson combined with a large image of the interactive white board can be broadcast in real-time to an adjacent classroom, a remote teaching facility or even to a student at home. Equally, lessons can be pre-recorded either to cover planned teacher absence or to deliver specialist subject matter. In addition, the use of video can improve teacher monitoring and training by removing the need for the assessors to be physically present and potentially affecting the classroom dynamic. more…

Streamlining support services



Qubic supplies the latest telephony products providing features such as auto-attendant, secure voicemail and call logging that can work with wired or wireless telephones throughout the school. The telephone system uses the same central network as all the other technology, so calls can be routed anywhere within the campus, even across separate sites. For administrative computing, as well as designing and installing the systems, Qubic offers full support and training on all types of software including popular schools information management systems. and ‘letters home’.  more…

Building relationships



Giving parents more and better ways of communication with the school helps engender involvement and support. For example providing both direct email addresses for members of staff and voicemail helps parents keep in touch. Dedicated telephone services such as the ability to report absence or pre-recorded messages such as school closure due to bad weather let parents interact with the school without putting undue demands on staff. Other methods of communication with parents could include automated messages to confirm a parent is aware of their child’s absence or the electronic delivery of newsletters and ‘letters home’. 

Meeting standards



Qubic will work with your school to help maximise its access to all available streams of ICT funding. In addition, we will design, install and maintain your systems to make sure they meet with approval from DfES appointed inspection bodies including Ofsted and others. Further, Qubic will fully audit and document your installation to provide you with comprehensive management information. more…